Monday, October 4, 2010

Making Our Home a Haven challenge- week 1

This week's challenge is to buy a big candle, once you light it, every time you pass by it say a prayer for your home, husband and kids. We as wives and mothers need to keep our home a place of prayer and comfort. A place where our children and our husbands are welcomed to be themselves. Where they are not judged. But they are encouraged and lifted up. This week Courtney challenges us to be the wife and mother we need to be to make our home a haven So above is a pic of my candle on my dining room table...I would love to see a pic of yours. Enjoy God's Blessings Today, Tina


  1. Hi Tina. I am doing the challenge too. You can see my candle over at

  2. I'm so excited about this challenge. :)

    Great to meet you!

  3. Tina ~

    This is a great challenge to encourage us to prayer more for peace...which will help to make our homes a place to refresh and rest from the onslot of distractions of this world. I am happy to see so many other women participating in this challenge, too.

    Blessings ~