Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why I love being a Stay at Home Mom!

I absolutely love be a SAHM! It is the most rewarding job I ever had. No, I get no days off (although I do get an occasional girls' night out) or pay, but the time spent with my children is worth it! I loved when I was growing up, my mom was always there in the summer and when I came home from school. It was my security. I get the argument.."well I just can't afford to stay at home" Well first of all, get rid of the things you don't need including cable and eating out. We eat out only 1x a month. Calculate the gas to get back and forth to work and the babysitting when you are at work. If you have to, sell your 2nd vehicle and put back that money to live off of for a few months. Also recheck the activities you have your children in, if they cost money, get them out of them or at least cut back to 1 thing. Your child will survive not being in every sport or activity. In fact, your family life will probably flourish. Titus 2 says women are supposed to be "keepers of the home" which means your home and those in it should be your #1 priority, (besides God) not your career. And if you say "well I just couldn't be with my kids all day" , not to be rude, but that's just sad. I do not know of one single person on their death bed who wish they would have had more money or prestige. They want to be with their family a little longer , hug them a little tighter. I completely understand there are single mothers who need to work, but if you have a 2-parent household please stay home with your will not regret it and neither will your kids. Until next time, Enjoy God's Blessings Today, Tina

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