Monday, June 21, 2010

Keeping the Marriage Covenant

1. Matthew 19:6 says "what God has joined together, let man not separate." (exception: look at Matthew 19:9)

2. Malachi 2:14 says God is a witness to our marriage covenant.

3. Ephesians 5:22-33 says marriage is a picture of Christ and the church.

The Completing him Challenge week 3 - Remember Our Sacred vows.

On May 20,2000 on a rainy day...I took my vows to become one with my knight in shining armor. Yeah I know that sounds corny..but I truly believe it.  We got married in a church from the town we grew up in and I had the pleasure of having my great-uncle marry us.

I cried so much during the ceremony that I don't think anyone could hear what I was dreams were coming true.
Then off to the reception we went. Our first dance song was "Almost Paradise" from the Footloose soundtrack an oldie but goodie.

Then off to our Honeymoon we went..we ended up getting lost and not getting to Willamsburg Va until 3am. We had our first argument as hubby and wife on the way to our honeymoon because we were lost. But we arrived. Thank goodness because our they were going to give our room away to someone else. I have no pictures of our honeymoon because it rain the whole 4 days we were there. We did end up going to Busch Gardens and Water Country in the rain..but they wouldn't that busy so it was great. We wanted to go to Colonial Williamsburg but it rained. So we spent the whole day in the hotel...which wasn't a bad thing:)  If I had to do it over again, I think I would have skip the 'big' wedding and just had a small ceremony instead. And I definitely wouldn't have gotten married in of the rainiest months in Pa. But 10 years later and we are both still in love and I am so glad that we have the life we have. We are so blessed beyond measure.


  1. Awe, wonderful post and memories.

  2. I cried at my rehearsal, but held it together during the ceremony.

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    Homemaker Honey

  3. Love your wedding photos!

    You two look so happy! It's also great when I still see those smiles years later!