Monday, July 5, 2010

Marriage Challenge week#4- admiring my husband

So the challenge this week is to admire my husband. So today's blog is about him and only him and the 10 ten reasons why I love him. (I wish I was as witty as David Letterman when his does his top 10 on his show , but don't get your hopes up..being spontaneously funny is not a strong suit for me LOL)
10. His Determination: he will finish something no matter how he feels, for his family. For example, my husband works the night shift. He would come home and sleep 4-5 hours and then get up to work on our new deck and then go to work. I would tell him not to worry about it and he said that he wanted to get the deck done so I could enjoy it.
9. He's Loyalty: He would do anything for his family no matter the cost to him.
8. He's trustworthy: I trust my husband no matter what. When there are women out there who tell me that they don't trust their husbands, I honestly can say that I trust him 100%...there is never any fear that he would cheat on me or leave me. I know that I know..ya know? (okay that was kinda witty HA HA)
7.His Love for me: He loves me unconditionally. When I run into his friends from work, they always say..."Your husband talks about you all the time..He loves you so much..Your lucky" I know I am:)
6. His love for his children: He loves to be with his kids..for example,the last 3 years he missed July 4th because he had to work, but this year..he took off to be with his family so we could enjoy the festivities together. (Despite missing the holiday pay, he said that he didn't care)
5.His sense of humor: If you know my husband, he actually is a very serious guy. But when I am feeling down or just having a bad day , he is always there to lift me up.
4. He is a great provider: my husband works in a distribution center ...he loves warehousing work and actually went to technical school for it. He works where there is no air-conditioning and in a very fast pace environment. He works 12 hour night shift, shifts. And he does it so I can stay home to be with my children.
3. His selflessness: He will make sure that everyone is happy before his own happiness. Like when he gets a "nice paycheck" he will always ask me if there is anything I want from it , when he could easily go off and spend it on his self. Though I tell him there is nothing I or the kids need..he usually ends up giving me a little something that I have been eyeing at the store. In our household there is no " since I work this is my money" He says it's God's money first and then OUR money.
2.He's a dream giver: You may be thinking what does that mean? Well when Rich and I were dating, I said that I wanting to be a stay-at-home mom more than anything. Now here I am with 3 kids and I'm a stay at home mom. He said he still remembers me saying that and that he would do anything to keep me home. I did go back to work for a few months for 3 hours a day to  work at my kids' school but I just didn't feel right. He said he wanted me to quit because things just ran smoother when I was home. So I did.
1.He's a Man of God: there is really nothing more to say about that...He just is:)...So there you have it the top 10 reasons why I admire my husband:)


  1. Praising God with you for our husbands!

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    Homemaker Honey

  2. I love this challenge, what a sweet post!