Monday, August 9, 2010

Completing him Final Week:(

So this is the final week of the Completing him challenge. Trust me, it's been an interesting summer discovering different ways to make my hubby happy and to feel oneness in our marriage. If you missed any week here is the blog  So here we are ...Kiss Him Like You Mean it. I just got done reading Intimate Issues by Linda Dillow. Wow talk about a wonderful book. It taught me how to be intimate with my hubby and to be the wife that shows my hubby how much I love him. Whether we feel like "it" or not, we should show our husband. Being  intimate with him does not only mean sex, but also the way we talk to him, we can write notes, send pics on our phones ( if you know what I mean) :) We need to show our husbands that they are appreciated and loved. Sex shows your husband that. Long kisses, hugs and sex is telling our husbands that we need them. Try reading the book Song of Songs in the shows just how great sex can be and should be between husbands and wives.  I have 3 that sleeps with us and we still have a great sex life. So you may have excuses that you don't have the time, or that you don't feel like it or that your tired.  But God created sex to be a beautiful and loving time with our spouse and let's not take that time for granted.

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  1. I also enjoyed this challenge a lot. Even though the challenge is finished, I still need to keep my dh on the top of my list (after God that is) and not go back to how things were. I agree with your post.