Monday, August 2, 2010


So God tells us to respect our how do we do that? First of you treat the cashier at the checkout or the customer service rep over the telephone better than you do your husband? When your husband talks do you STOP what you are doing and listen? I know I have trouble with that. My husband tends to talk to me while I'm checking my email..but I keep on checking my email and say 'uh-huh...hmmm'...that's not really respect is it? We should give him eye contact and genuinely listen when he is speaking. Do we husband-bash when we get together with our friends? I'm working on that and I think I'm doing a great job praising him instead of putting him down. The one thing we never do is call each other names when we you?  Let us follow God's command and respect our husband..even when we don't feel like it or it's not convenient. For more on this subject read Courtney's blog at


  1. Your blog is so beautiful (but I bet you hear that all the time.)

    Great observations about respecting husbands! I'm visiting from the Completing Him Challenge. This week was my favorite - because learning about respecting husbands, the hows and the how nots, has been a focus for me for a few years now. I recently began blogging about it and making greeting cards to help other wives communicate respect for their husbands. I invite you to drop by for a visit.

  2. Thank you...I am following your blog Sharon...I could spend all morning reading blogs. In fact ..there are sometimes I spend all morning doing just that