Saturday, August 7, 2010

Living on Less

Well this has been on my mind alot lately. It seems like we want things bigger and better...we need a bigger house, bigger car...bigger wardrobe. I actually had someone tell me that she would want a bigger house no matter what it cost. She only has 1 child..How big does she really need? We live in 1100sq ft. double wide mobile home. At this point we only owe $35,000 for it. Do I want a bigger home or a "real" home..of course I would love to, but do I need it? After losing almost 30lbs I NEED a bigger wardrobe but I am still wearing my old jeans just wearing a belt with them. I still drive a 2000 dodge Dakota which at this point I only owe 1,000 dollars. We didn't have a 'fancy' vacation this year but I'm fine with that. My husband and I have chose not to accrue anymore debt. We are hoping to be completely debt-free in 6 years. Bigger house=more furniture=more taxes=more heat/a/c..I feel the Lord telling me that I should owe no man anything. Remember we will not be remember for the things we had , but for the legacy we leave.

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